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Sealing Wax FAQ


If you want wax that is mailable and can go through the
modern postal system, you should choose any Modern Sealing Wax Format - Glue Gun, Bead or Stick.

For a more traditional experience and if you are ok with the fact that this wax can break upon tampering, then traditional Waxes are for you.

Modern Sealing Waxes when compared to original formulas.
The wax is more viscous, denser, tackier, has a higher melting point and is in general more elastic and adhesive . This is why this modern waxes are easier to use and work better with stamping and being adhesive during the mailing process

Traditional Waxes have a hi-gloss finish and hold impressions with great detail, but are typically easier to use and will not go through the mailing system as well.

This depends on the Sealing Wax type and whether you apply the wax
on a conservative side or enjoy a large application of wax on each seal.

 The following are our best estimates using a various die
sizes with an average size 1/4" rim:

Glue Gun Sealing Wax

.59" (15mm) - 3/4"(20mm) Die -10-12 wax seals per stick

1" Die (25mm) - 8-9 wax seals per stick

1 1/8" Die (30mm)- 6-7 wax seals per stick

1 3/8" Die (35mm) - 4 wax seals per stick

1 3/4" Die (45mm) - 2-3 wax seals per stick

2" Die (50mm) - 1-2 wax seals per stick

Bead Sealing Wax:

.59" (15mm) - 3/4"(20mm) Die: 3-4


1" Die (25mm): 4-5 beads per wax seal

1 1/8" Die (30mm): 6-7 beads per wax seal

1 3/8" Die (35mm): 8-9 beads per wax seal

1 3/4" Die (45mm): 10-12 beads per wax seal

2" Die (50mm): 12-15 beads per wax seal

Modern Wax Sticks with Wick

.59", 3/4" & 1" Die: 12-15 wax seals per stick

1 1/8" Die: 8-10 wax seals per stick

This wax is not recommended for Die sizes larger than 1 1/8".

Kings Wax

.59", 3/4" & 1" Dies - 20 to 25 wax seals per stick

1 1/8" Die - - 18-22 wax seals per stick

This wax is not recommended for Die sizes larger than 1 1/8".

Wickless Bankers Wax:

18 to 20 wax seals per stick

.59", 3/4" & 1" Dies - 20 to 25 wax seals per stick

1 1/8" Die -18 - 22 wax seals per stick

This wax is not recommended for Die sizes larger than 1 1/8


All Modern Sealing Waxes
are mailable and flexible - people have mailed sealed envelopes
through the modern postal service for dozens of years. Using modern sealing wax
applied directly to the envelope is the best way to ensure that your wax seal
will stay intact through the process, even with modern postal sorting machines.
Damaged seals can happen but are a rarity. Hand cancelling by the Post Office
can add an additional layer of security.

Traditional Sealing Waxes are not mailable and should be used for
decorative purposes only and be mailed with an outer protective envelope.
Original Formula Bank Wax is completely breakable and is used to indicate
tampering .

Mailing Sizes: The largest recommended size that is mailable on the
outside of an envelope is the 1

1/8" die (finished wax seal 1 1/4"). Any larger wax seals are over

the regulations set by the Post Office and are more likely to be damaged by the

postal sorting machines or rejected by the Post Office.

No, just like with most other consumer goods, there are quality and style differences that affect the outcome. Depending on the formula used as well as the source you use when buying your sealing wax, there are a number of variations. Quality differences are for example clear, runny waxes that don't hold an impression vs. deep rich glossy thick textures that do.

It is always best to buy your wax from a trusted specialty expert supplier, rather than a big box name or website.

We offer only Premium Quality waxes to suit every need or requirement, most made exclusively for us. We offer over 7 decades of experience in our field and we know good sealing wax!

Glue Gun Sealing Wax  is by far the easiest and fastest way- it is low cost, totally flexible and mailable and makes a large amount of wax seals in a short amount of time. In addition, wax seals can easily be made ahead of time and then applied with self-adhesive double sided labels. Check out our Videos for more information on making seals ahead of time in quantity!


Let us do the work!  Self Adhesive Ready Made Wax Seals  are
available in standard layouts (Initials, Monograms, Symbols,) as well as Custom
Designed Logos in over 45 colors. With a strong hi-tack backing that can be
easily removed, our easy-to-apply hand pressed wax seals are the real thing and
are a snap to add to any project without any work for you.

All Wax Sticks with a wick do not require any
melting tools- just light and drip.

Glue Gun Waxes use a Standard Size ½” Glue Gun,
Low Temp.

Small or Large Melting Pots: can be used for any
type of wax, if you remove any wicks and break up the sticks, but most often
are used with Bead Wax.

Melting Spoons are
perfect for melting Bead Wax for a single impression.

Modern Sealing Wax will adhere to most types of
commonly used paper, but papers with a heavy wax coating, such as vellum can
cause the wax to peel off. We do not recommend the use of very thin low
quality paper as this will have the wax bleed through on the other side. For
use on Glass and other mediums it is often best to make the impression
separately and then adhere it with our Self Adhesive Labels with very strong

No, not under normal circumstances. The melting point of this wax is
over 220 degrees, so in normal circumstances this should not be an issue. However,
if it were left in a closed car for many hours during high heat, it would be
possible that the wax would soften a bit and get stuck to other pieces. However,
this is very unusual and indeed a rarity.

The generic composition of our modern Sealing
Waxes in Glue Gun, Bead and Flexible Stick form consists of Refined Paraffin waxes,
Microcrystalline Waxes and color Pigments. These components impart the
performance properties of modern sealing waxes when compared to original formulas–
the wax is more viscous, denser, tackier, has a higher melting point and is in
general more elastic and adhesive . This is why this modern waxes work so much
better with stamping, retaining a good impressions and being adhesive during
the mailing process.

Modern Sealing Waxes are:

FDA certified for Direct Food Contact (Glue Gun and Bead Wax only).

Non Toxic as long as not ingested

Vegan - the wax is not animal derived and not
tested on animals

They are NOT:

or recyclable