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5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Vintage Writing Enthusiasts

Written by Monika Kaidl


Posted on October 19 2023

Some gifts just never go out of style. For vintage lovers, even more unconventional pieces can make amazing gifts this holiday season. If you have an old-school soul on your shopping list this year and are at a total loss, consider some of these fun and unique vintage gift ideas:


  1. Vintage Office Desk Accessories: There's no better way to throw it back to the 1960s "Mad Men" era than desk accessories such as Custom Logo Embossers, and personal Library Stamps, Hand Crafted Letter Openers and Hand Held Magnifiers. These once purely “functional” tools have become elegant and stylish tools to display on any well appointed desk.
  2.  Personalized Wax Seal Stamps: Whether an Initial, Monogram, personal symbol or logo,  sealing a gift or a special letter or invitation gives a much more personal and thoughtful touch and is a unique gift that will be appreciated.  Furthermore, the card or letter embellished with a wax seal gives joy to the receiver. We would all agree there is nothing like receiving a handwritten letter from a loved one and the excitement of breaking open a fresh wax seal. Fortunately, crafting handwritten letters, envelopes and invitations will never go out of style. . While we don't receive them as often as we used to, letters are still in circulation and maybe you'll find yourself getting a handwritten, sealed thank you note this year from the recipient.
  3.  Vintage Writing Accessories: For the ultimate Writing Experience - the delicate look of a Glass Pen in your choice of luminous shimmering colors is the ultimate writing utensil for any writing aficionado. Or set your sights on a traditional  Wood Dip Calligraphy Pens with ink and an old fashioned Blotter to dry up excess ink. Or channel your inner Shakespeare with a Feather Quill Pen Set . 
  4. Parchment or Vintage-style Stationery: Aged Parchment Papers convey a theme of antiquity on Stationery and Documents that will surely be memorable! Classic Boxed Stationery Sets with plain or personalized printing is a gift that will bring the recipient much joy to use when sending that special letter. 
  5.  Vintage Leather Journals: Everyone needs a Journal, so why not use or gift one of the Italian masterpieces, perfectly suited for writers, poets, artists, travelers, composers & students. 

Well said: "While it is true that you can use an ordinary ballpoint pen to compose your letter , it lacks the aesthetic pleasure that comes from penning your message with a quill, glass dipping pen or fine writing instrument, folding your special paper and stamping your own wax seal insignia into sealing wax. If you have never used a quill pen, you can try one here, and feel like Shakespeare for a minute or two."



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